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Aidan’s instruments


Talbot Studios is Aidan’s analogue recording and production space in South
Bermondsey, London, which he set up in 2014.

The unique studio delivers an authentic sound quality that only recording to tape can deliver. Below is a list of equipment available in Talbot Studios:

Vintage keyboards: Fender Rhodes 73 Mk1a, Wurlitzer ep200, Clavinet D6
Other keyboards: Nord Stage 2 88key, M-Audio Axiom 61, Arturia Keylab 61
Pianos: Knight upright, Kaiser upright
Guitars: USA Fender Telecaster, 1959 Gibson 125, Fender Telecaster 1973
Bass: Lakland
Other: Hammond A100
Leslie 145
Fender Twin Reverb
Fender Deluxe
Raindirk Series 3, 26 channel console
Otari MX80 multitrack recorder
Roland Space Echo
Arp String Ensemble
Fender Princeton