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Named after my late godfather, Howard Talbot King, Talbot Studios is my recording and production studio in South Bermondsey, London. For me it is the realisation of a dream of having a space in which to record, produce and collaborate with other musicians and artists. Through studying piano and working extensively as a session musician, I had a growing collection of vintage keyboards, and also a number of vintage guitars. In 2014 I purchased a 1970s British recording console and a 24 track 2” tape machine and combined them with my musical instruments to create the studio. I have always been drawn to the more traditional recording techniques; firstly for the sound, but also the process, which I believe promotes a heightened level of detail and musicality when tracking. Due to my analogue approach I am regularly recording an array of musicians – from bassists and drummers to string quartets and horn sections. As a result Talbot Studios has developed an ever growing family of great musicians associated with it. I am very proud to be collaborating with an increasing number of artists who have been attracted to the studio by the equipment, instruments and production methods that I am using.

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